WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, started to roll out payment options in India in 10 different regional language versions, says Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, introduced the new payment system in a video conference. Whatsapp has enabled the rollout of the new feature to 20 million WhatsApp users in India. Whatsapp has named the new option as Whatsapp Pay.

What is Whatsapp Pay?

We are using WhatsApp for a long time; WhatsApp has introduced many features like stickers, GIF support, Document support, Room, etc. But today, they are moving into a new revolution called Whatsapp Pay. We are using many digital apps to send and receive money, So WhatsApp has made the payment process by using Whatsapp. You can send the money and receive to and from Whatsapp itself. No other chatting or social app has not tried this feature till now.

How to setup Whatsapp Pay on your Mobile?

Setting up WhatsApp is a relatively simple process. Since Whatsapp has started rollout out of the new feature, some may not see the option in WhatsApp right. To get the new feature, we need to update the app using the play store(if you are an Android user) or App Store (if you are an iPhone user). Once you are updated, you can see the payment option in the attachment section. By clicking the option, you can add a bank account into the Whatsapp.please note the Whatsapp number, and the bank account number should be the same.

How to send money to contact from Whatsapp Pay?

Sending money to the contact is so simple. Once you set your Whatsapp pay, you can see a new payment option in the attachment section. Once you click the payment option, you can find a “(+)” sign, and it will help to pick the click the contact from the chat window. After you get an option to enter the amount to send, click the send option.

Do I need a KYC verification?

No. In Whatsapp, the pay is working the same as UPI, so that like Paytm, Whatsapp Pay does not need any KYC verification. We can access all the features without any procedure.