After the Whatsapp payment release in the mobile app, WhatsApp moves forward for another out on the Desktop and the website. Yes, Facebook-owned Whatsapp is testing beta voice and video call facility in Desktop and Web. This facility was made in the mobile app years back, but it has not been implemented in the Web versions. 

For regular users, they can only chat and share files or images via Desktop. But after the official release of the voice and video call facility, all the users can access the call facility within the Desktop, so that they don’t want to check mobile phones while a WhatsApp call rings. Let’s see more about the new feature and how it can be used.

Whatsapp Voice & Video Call Feature

If you are a beta user of Whatsapp, in the Whatsapp web and desktop application, you can see a new icon at the top, i.e. beta version of the voice and video call. If you are a regular user of Whatsapp, it’s not a big deal; just like the mobile WhatsApp, they can call the other recipient by moving to their profile and clicking on the voice or video call. But in the Desktop version, when we click the voice or video call button, a new window will pop up just like Skype. In this new window, you can have a call disconnection option, speaker option etc. When we disconnect the call, the popup will close automatically.

Whatsapp Tests Voice & Video Call Feature in Whatsapp web

This facility is available in private chat only, and it’s not supported for group calls. We hope it will be available soon after the official release of the new update. Whatsapp is giving this beta testing feature to only some persons, so you cannot see these changes now in your Whatsapp web or the Desktop application. 

After testing this update, I found audio, and the video was very good at this point, and I didn’t find any lag or hiccups while connecting to a user. We hope these updates will roll out very soon to all users. If you have queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Voice & Video call option for Desktop is available to all users?

No, this option is in the testing phase, so that only some beta version testers can access this update now.

2) Can we have a group call facility in the new update of Whatsapp Web?

No, Whatsapp does not provide the feature for group calls; we hope it will be updated after the release.