Everyone loves watching movies and series with the advent of online streaming services. We can manage HD content with high-quality audio at any time with just a click. Many online streaming services are costly, and the average person cannot afford the price. Here we are discussing the best and most affordable online streaming apps for 2021, including free and paid. Let’s have a look.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of India’s best online HD content delivery services, and they provide new content, including movies and series, at a low cost. Amazon delivers a package of entertainment at Rs 999/- per year. If a person purchases this package, they will get fast delivery while they shop, free Amazon Music – which provides new high-quality film songs, Amazon Prime and much more.

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It can work not only in mobiles but also it can be installed in TV and other gadgets. It delivers movies with Digital Surround sound, which brings a theatre experience to our home. The software is built with AI support, which automatically adjusts the screen size, screen resolution and sound according to the gadget and internet speed. If you have a low internet speed, you can watch the video in low quality or download the high-quality video and watch it later without hassle.

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Netflix is a company headquartered in Los Gatos, California, in 1997. It is one of the world’s largest online streaming websites and delivers unique content, including TV shows and movies with high definition. They provide four plans for the users, including mobile, basic, standard and premium. Let’s see the specialty of the packs.

Netflix - Ranking Expert

  • Mobile

In the “mobile” Netflix package, they are targetting mainly mobile users, so this package is available at 199 Rs. With 199 Rs, users can watch all the contents on mobile with 480p resolution. This package enables only a single user so that only one person can use this account on a tablet or mobile.

  • Basic

In the Basic package, Netflix provides unlimited movies and tv shows at 499 Rs. Users can watch all the contents in 480 resolution on all devices at this package, including mobile, tablet, laptop, and TV. This package is a single user package so that only a user can watch content on all the devices.

  • Standard

Netflix provides another package called “Standard,” which is an average rated package that costs about 699 Rs. This package offers better quality when comparing with the others, and it provides a 1080p resolution so that users can stream the content in HD. The standard package is a two-user package so that two active users can watch at the same time on any device.

  • Premium

The premium package is the highest on Netflix. Netflix offers this package to users for 799 Rs, and this package provides 4K + HDR support content, including movies and tv shows. If you have a 4k projector or TV and atmos surround home theatre setup, this is the best choice. With this package, Netflix provides Atmos sound effects, and if you have a decoder setup, you can experience the theatre effect at home.

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Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is another online streaming website that provides HD quality content. It has a variety of ranges including TV shows, Movies, Sports etc. The majority of the online streaming applications do not offer sports, but Hotstar provides live streaming Cricket, Football and other sports. 

Hotstar - Ranking Expert

Hotstart has mainly two packages, VIP and Premium. 

  • Disney+ Hotstar VIP

Hotstar is providing a VIP package at Rs 399 per year. This package provides full access to live streaming sports, seven multiplex movies, Hotstar exclusive shows, and Star based serials. 

  • Disney+ Hotstar Premium

Disney+ Hotstar Premium is another package provided by Hotstar. Hotstar is providing this package at Rs 299 per month and 1499 per year. Users can choose which mode of the period they wanted. Apart from the Disney+ Hotstar VIP plan, this plan offers the latest American shows and movies, Disney+ Originals, Disney+ shows, Disney+ Movies, Disney+ kids content and more. 

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Hulu is one of the different video streaming apps that the usual streaming experience with many old tv shows, movies, animated shows, etc. Besides other apps, Hulu provides live streaming shows for $39.99( Rs 2,971) per month, which seems a bit expensive. But at this price point, it offers live streaming of all channels and high-quality movies and tv shows. It provides about 50 channels with this price point, and we can expand the channels if we are ready to give extra. Hulu comes with a free trial, and it has got Chromecast support as well.

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Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the first and best live TV streaming apps, which offers many essential features like movies, sports channels, popular news channels, etc. Since it supports live stream TV channels, its basic pack is reasonably priced. This app supports Chromecast, and it has an availability to expand the channel list if we are ready to pay extra. There are many bundles of channel packages and package categories to pick the right channels we want quickly. The app design is a little basic, and it does the job.

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