As per the latest Google report, Google is testing a crowdsource app named “Task Mate”. Since it is in the testing phase, Google has not revealed much about the app. For some of the users, this can be available using referrals. For those users, Google allows testing the app and finding the bug. It is not clear about ownership, whether it is a Google program or one of its business partners worldwide.

What is Task Mate?

Task Mate is an app that allows users to earn money from completing simple tasks. According to one of the Redditor, u/ppatra, the tasks are mainly based on the Google app ecosystem. Tasks are primarily divided into two categories: ‘Sitting’ and ‘Field.’ 

From the name itself, we can get an idea about the tasks. Sitting tasks can be done using a smartphone from home itself, and the Field tasks can be done from a specific location or place. 

Task Mate: Earn Money From Google - Ranking Expert


How to Complete Task Mate Tasks?

Sitting tasks might include recording spoken sentences, transcribing translating from English to another language or vice-versa.

According to the Redditor screenshots, Fields tasks include ‘checking shop details,’ ‘go-to pinned location and take a picture’ etc. Once the task is completed, the user can get the money to their registered e-wallet and transfer money to their account. 

There might be some time limit for the tasks, and the user has to complete them within the time limit. If the user cannot complete within the time user will fail, and the task will be hand over to another user. It’s not completely clear about the app’s exact release for more people and more regions, but we hope we will soon get more details.