As you all know by now, PUBG is the best selling and most played games of all time according to Wikipedia and it stands at top six list of best-selling and most-played video games by player count.

Well, PUBG Corporation has announced that they are going to bring cross-platform support for both Xbox One & Playstation 4 by October.
By the end of September, the public test servers will receive cross-play support which will be followed by rolling out of cross-play update for live servers by early October.

Earlier players could only match with other players on the same platform, i.e; Xbox players could only play with other Xbox players. But now with the Cross play update players on both Xbox One and PS4 will be able to match and play the battle royale game against each other.

Advantages of Cross Play Support

Enabling cross-play will drastically improve matchmaking times because of the bigger pool of players from both Xbox & PS4. This will indeed reduce the time one has to wait for a new match as more matchmaking pool lead to a shorter waiting period. It will make the pool bigger globally and also offer more competition. Exciting right!?

PUBG Corporation Community Manager Cecilia Lee has also confirmed that they will be bringing faster console updates than before. Updates will now roll out to PS4 and Xbox One within two weeks of launching on the PC starting with PUBG Season 4 coming on August 27.

Season 4 comes with a new look for PUBG’s first and most iconic map ever, Erangel. The update will introduce new building styles, more realistic terrain and scenery and some changes to the map also. Xbox has said that the update not only includes stunning visual enhancements but also a weapon and vehicle rebalancing across the board. In addition to this, they have added some hidden secrets that will give hint into the history of Erangel.

Upon the update, PUBG will join a list of games allows cross play between Xbox One and PS4, including Fortnite, Dauntless and Rocket League.