Google announces a subtle announcement on Twitter today about their new AI-based Google Photo search. They have announced a rolling out AI feature for its Google Lens platform which will enable to search for the text which appears in the images. Hence those texts can be copied to any documents.

To make this technology a reality, they are using the technique known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). By using this technique, be it a screenshot or a photo, Google Lens can grasp the text from the images which are taken in the Lens. According to the 9to5 Google report, this feature is currently running on some Android devices, but this feature is not yet released in IOS.

Using the new lens feature, we will be able to select any portion of the text, which is visible in the image. The most exciting feature is that it can search for any snippet of the text without picking a photo first. That suggests Google is performing the OCR feature to the entire image automatically.